Morgan Stanley 投资讲座

Morgan Stanlye Investment Seminar

Sponsored the seminar presented by Morgan Stanley. The seminar was a really great event and we received many positive feedbackes. The seminar covered: 2015 Market Outlook & Best Investment Ideas

  • Building wealth using tax advantaged retirement saving plans (e.g. 401k?, IRA?, etc?
  • Asset Allocation ?determining the proper mix of stocks, bonds, alternatives, and cash
  • Cash Alternatives ?strategies to earn more interest than cash (e.g. CD?, bonds, etc?
  • Income Planning ?how to divvy up your assets as retirement approaches and throughout retirement
  • Financial/ Retirement Planning ?determining your Probability of Success
  • College Planning ?cost projections and tax advantaged savings plans
  • Estate Planning ?roper legal documents (e.g. wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare proxies, etc.